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4 Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is more common than you might think. It is important to know the signs of it, so you can help them before it is too late. While the biggest sign of prescription drug abuse is continuing to use the medication after the medical issue has been resolved, there are other signs you may not realize point to a problem. Cherry Street Pharmacy is dedicated to making sure your loved ones aren’t abusing prescription drugs.


Mood changes are one of the most common signs of prescription drug abuse. Being irritable for no reason, especially if it is uncommon for a person to be irritable, can point to abuse of prescription drugs. However, it isn’t just irritability and mood changes that can signal a problem. If someone you love has shown signs of personality changes, you may want to talk to them about this potential problem.


Depending on the type of prescription drug being abused, the person’s appetite can either become non-existent and they lose weight, or they may start eating more than usual and gain weight. Sometimes a person will eat more but still lose weight. By paying attention to their appetite, you can help address the problem before it is too late. If you suspect a problem, make sure you talk to your pharmacist.


Depending on the type of drug they are abusing, their speech can be affected in multiple ways. Many people become very quiet unless they have a mood swing that changes their personality. Their speech may become slurred, or even louder than normal. They may also start talking very slowly or even very fast. Some people also become very withdrawn and quiet. If you notice any of these changes in someone you suspect is abusing prescription drugs, bring it up to the pharmacist at contact Cherry Street Pharmacy.


While speech changes can be quite evident, changes in coordination are usually very easy to detect. If someone trips a lot or even falls, or if they are dropping things, it may be a sign they are abusing their prescriptions. Lack of coordination can be seen in the way the person walks, talks, and more. If you notice someone who shows these signs, you want to speak to a pharmacist to find out what you can do about the problem. The pharmacists at Cherry Street Pharmacy can help.

Cherry Street Pharmacy is dedicated to helping those who have a problem with prescription drug abuse. If you suspect your loved one has a problem, be sure to stop by to talk to a pharmacist about what you can do. If you suspect you yourself has a problem with prescription drug abuse, take a step toward becoming healthy by stopping in today.

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