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5 Benefits of a Mail Order Pharmacy

These days the World Wide Web is a constant source of information, providing services we never could have dreamed of when it was first introduced years ago. We turn to the web for answers to our endless questions like a virtual filing cabinet full of fun facts and need-to-know details, but more often than not we use the web to alleviate the stress of shopping. We order products then have them on our door step within days; from clothes to books to furniture and even groceries. Now, with the popular choice of using a mail order pharmacy, you can have your medication delivered the same way.

The Benefits of Choosing a Mail Order Pharmacy

Many people may be hesitant to explore a mail order pharmacy electing instead to maintain the traditional method of receiving their medicine over-the-counter. However, exchanging physical slips of paper with rushed signatures for labeled bottles is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The benefits of choosing a mail order pharmacy may just be all the convincing you need to adopt the latest feature the Internet has offered.

  1. Save Time
    Ordering medication online and having it delivered to your home completely eliminates the task of visiting and standing in line at the local pharmacy. Service is much faster and on your terms online. No more waiting for the next customer to be called while you take another step towards the counter. No more waiting for someone to look over the prescription then fill it in the back. No more temptation from the candy aisle while you wait. Save time by ordering your next shipment in advance or schedule recurring shipments to avoid waiting at all ever again.
  2. Convenience
    Not only will you save time, but the convenience of a mail order pharmacy is hard to beat. Create an account online with Cherry Street Pharmacy, where your prescriptions and address will be saved to allow for easy refills. Automate recurring shipments for ongoing prescriptions and you’ll never have to worry about running out of the medication you need. Shipments will be scheduled to arrive well before your current medication runs out.
  3. Accuracy
    Mistakes happen, sure. However, when it comes to receiving medication there is very little room for error. Our pharmacists still assess every prescription to ensure the correct medication is provided before it ever leaves the facility. Doing so is just one step in the many quality control efforts made to have your medication delivered on time and accurately.
  4. Personal Attention
    Speaking of our pharmacists, many think the personal attention they receive at the counter will be a thing of the past when using a mail order pharmacy. This is not true. In fact, the pharmacists at Cherry Street Pharmacy provide you with their undivided attention regardless if you are in-person or online. Questions are answered timely and efficiently. Advice is given and feedback appreciated. The personal interaction isn’t sacrificed, if anything, it’s enhanced.
  5. Save Money
    A benefit everyone can appreciate, by allowing a mail order pharmacy to provide your medication it can save you money. Because the medication is being delivered directly to you, prescriptions can be written for a larger supply resulting in fewer refills and lower out-of-pocket costs. As with any online service, discounts are offered from time to time and can be worth it to take advantage. If you are interested in streamlining your pharmacy experience, reach out to Cherry Street Pharmacy today.

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