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5 Traits of a Great Pharmacy

There are many things one looks for when choosing a pharmacy to handle all of their prescription needs. While several pharmacies will simply offer to fill your prescriptions, they may not go above and beyond in doing so, which leaves them in the good category. There are five traits a pharmacy must possess in order to become great. Luckily, Cherry Street Pharmacy has mastered them all.


Having a pharmacist who knows not only the prescription you’re having filled, but why you need it filled and the side effects associated with the medication can be invaluable. At Cherry Street Pharmacy, our pharmacists are able to answer any question you have regarding your prescription. We can help you sort through insurance dilemmas and assist in advice regarding side effects from a particular medication. If available, alternate prescriptions may be recommended to potentially lessen side effects or possibly even save you money.


Speaking of money, another trait of a great pharmacy is how affordable they are. Chances are by having to fill a prescription, you already have to pay for a doctor’s office visit and any services rendered while there.  Choosing a pharmacy that keeps their medication affordable can save you money. Additionally, most doctor’s offices write prescriptions for name brand medications for various reasons. However, generic versions offer the exact same results, oftentimes at much cheaper rates. A good pharmacy will fill your prescription as is. A great pharmacy will discuss the option of saving you money in the process.

A Pharmacy That Genuinely Cares

Visiting a pharmacy can become routine and mundane, but it doesn’t have to be. Pharmacists are people too, and the difference between a good pharmacy and a great pharmacy is the pharmacist makes an effort to remember that fact. Remembering your name and how often your prescription needs refilling can make a regular visit to the counter seem more like catching up with an old friend.

Convenient Location

It’s not uncommon to see a pharmacy in a random place, but a great pharmacy is conveniently located to avoid the extra hassle of having to go out of your way. Cherry Street Pharmacy is located right across from the hospital, making it the perfect pharmacy of choice to fill your prescriptions.  Not only will we attempt to save money on the medication we’re providing, but you can save gas at the same time by conveniently picking up your prescription after your appointment.

Quick and Accurate

In addition to the other traits of a great pharmacy, the service itself is perhaps the most important. Your prescription should be filled quickly and accurately every single time. There shouldn’t be long lines with tempting opportunities to pick up candy bars and browse the headlines of current celebrity mishaps. Instead, visiting a pharmacy should be an experience where you receive the medication you need in a timely manner the first time, every time.
If you’re currently looking for a pharmacy, and a great one at that, reach out to Cherry Street Pharmacy for all of your pharmaceutical needs.

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