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Cherry Care didn’t start out as a formal program it started out of need,” declares our founder, Wenbo Liu, “We had members of the community who were being forced to make terribly difficult decisions, between eating or taking their medicine, between paying their rent and staying healthy. These are choices I don’t think people should have to make in the wealthiest country in the world.”

In a country where over half a million people are turning to bankruptcy each year due to medical debt, a program such as Cherry Care could potentially heal an ailing healthcare system.

The way the program works is simple:

Wenbo set up a non-profit organization that collects donations from people who can afford it, including Cherry Street Pharmacy, which contributes a percentage of earnings before profits. This non-profit organization, or pool of resources nearing almost $500,000, allows Cherry Care to...

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Before COVID, implementing prescription delivery was notoriously difficult.

Cost of delivery, the ability to verify identity, and distribution management all posed huge barriers to effectively build out a prescription delivery service offering that would support their customers’ and business’ needs.

Our Founder Wenbo Liu points out, “If you do 100% delivery, what happens when you have to make multiple deliveries to the same person? What happens if a doctor sends an antibiotic in the morning to realize he sent the wrong one? Delivery has high potential for error or complications, which all translates into additional costs from repetitive work.”

For these reasons, many pharmacies were resistant to offering any type of medication delivery.

Due to modern technology and applications, patient identity can be verified and delivery push notifications acknowledgement can hold patients accountable for accepting medications.

With these...

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If you ask the internet, healthcare is broken and there’s no way to fix it. But a visionary pharmacist opening next-level clinics in rural communities is set to make healthcare affordable again and he isn’t waiting for politicians when they’ve proven to be more interested in campaign contributions from insurance and healthcare companies.

“What we’re doing with Cherry Street just makes sense for the future on many levels,” asserts Wenbo Liu, our CEO and Founder of Cherry Street Pharmacy. “I’m on the ground here. I can see what devastating effects lobbyists are creating in communities and I can see a way around that whole mess.”

Our founder’s vision is to build a series of Cherry Care Pharmacies that connect suburban and rural patients with subject matter experts and specialists in distant institutions, such as Stanford...

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At Cherry Street, our founding mission is to serve those that need our help.

As a pharmacy, we’re uniquely capable to help improve the health and wellbeing of our surrounding community. After hearing story after story of individuals being hospitalized simply because they couldn’t afford their medications, we knew we needed to do something about it.

Aligned with a mission to improve quality of life, we settled in an underserved community to intentionally help those that would benefit from our support the most. As a result, we created Cherry Care, our non-profit that provides direct financial copay assistance for those who struggle with paying for their medication.

Because the bottom line is, nobody should ever have to choose whether they are going to pay for food versus their medication.

By breaking down our copay assistance program, we hope to communicate that we’re here to help you create a healthier life while putting dollars back into your pocket. At any...

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What if a pharmacy could end healthcare inefficiencies, close the access gap for the poor and underserved and keep people consistent with their medications, all while turning a healthy profit?

Would you want to invest in that model?

Because, suddenly, you can.

Our Founder, Wenbo Liu worked his way up to Pharmacy Manager not long after graduating Pharmacy School in 2013, and he couldn’t ignore the lack of efficiency in providing medicine and even overall care in the healthcare industry.

“People call their doctors, make an appointment, drive there, then go to the labs, and then go to the pharmacy, wait in line to see if their prescription is available. If they need a refill, they go to the pharmacy. If there's no refill, the pharmacy sends a message to the doctor,” Wenbo exclaims. “And then everyone goes back and forth, back and forth; there are huge inefficiencies. And these are sick people.”

Wenbo began to address the lags in communication with evolving technologies when he launched his own pharmacy,...