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When you stop by the drug store and you receive a new medication, or even need over-the-counter medication, you want to know what you are receiving is helpful. Looking up your own information about the meds you are prescribed through a drug reference app can help you understand why and how certain medications work. The … Continue reading “The Best Drug Reference Apps”

The SPF numbers on the sunscreen at your local pharmacy may be a little misleading. You may even be using the wrong sunscreen for your skin or the activities you are going to participate in. Here, we learn about sunscreen, the harmful rays of the sun and what they can do, as well as what … Continue reading “Sunscreen by the Numbers”

Managing your Type 2 Diabetes is vital if you want to avoid complications. Every person with Diabetes will need to manage their symptoms in different ways. While diet and exercise may work for some, sometimes medications are needed in addition to diet and exercise. With several types of medications available, both oral and injectables, you … Continue reading “Common Type 2 Diabetes Medication Treatments”

The prescription label on your medications, whether in bottle or package form, contains important information and instructions for use. If the print is unclear, or you don’t understand what you are reading, it can lead to medication errors that may result in a serious risk to your health. Prescription Instructions Although your doctor makes out … Continue reading “The Importance of Prescription Labels”

Health care is something that is necessary at any age. However, a study reported by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services shows there is a part of the population that remains uninsured and do not seek treatments for illness due to cost. It’s no secret that the cost of health care is rising. … Continue reading “Generic Prescription Drugs: Yay or Nay?”

Good health is never as important as when you are a mom. Whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding or just taking care of your kids, you need to be healthy to give them what they need. A healthy diet and exercise are important, but sometimes you need a little extra help to get all the nutrients … Continue reading “4 Important Supplements for Moms of All Ages”

The next time you stop by the drug store, why not consider purchasing a thoughtful gift for your mom? There are plenty of items carried by most drug stores that will bring a smile to your mom’s face.It won’t even cost you a fortune to show how much you care. Perfume Sets You can pick … Continue reading “Find These Great Gifts for Mom at the Drug Store”

While there can be a long list of things you could have on hand for your athlete, there are a few that will probably be more appreciated than others. We’ve compiled a short list of things you can get at the pharmacy that your athlete might like having in their gym bag or locker for … Continue reading “Keep These Simple Items Handy for Your Student Athlete”

You hear from your parents, your friends and sometimes even your doctor that you need to wear sun block. But what are the pros and cons of wearing it? If you decide to purchase it, why should you get it from a mail order pharmacy? Here, we answer those questions to give you a better … Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Sun Block”

With allergy season coming around, it is time to fill your prescription and get ahead of rising pollen levels. It should be noted that choosing the right allergy medications should involve a discussion with your doctor. There is no “one size fits all” remedy for sneezing and irritated eyes, so use a combination of treatments … Continue reading “Popular Prescription Allergy Medications”

Do you ever wonder why cheap drugs work as well as their brand-name counterparts? Surely, a more costly drug would be more effective? The simple truth of the matter is cheap drugs that make it to market are usually just as effective. Marketing Costs It costs a lot of money to bring drugs to the … Continue reading “Why Cheap Drugs Work as Well as Brand Names”

It’s coming whether we want it to or not. Spring and it’s pesky sidekick, Allergy Season. There’s nothing we can do to prevent it, stop it or slow it down, but we can prepare ourselves. Every year once the seasons whisper promises of changing, we know it won’t be long before pollen is in the … Continue reading “Preparing for the Spring Allergy Season”

It’s the beginning of another year, which means resolutions are handed out like presents were several weeks ago. While those resolutions are handed out like gifts, unfortunately, they’re often thrown out like discarded wrapping paper sooner than we want to admit. For many, diet plans are established in effort to help achieve a healthier lifestyle. … Continue reading “Important Supplements for Your 2018 Diet Plan”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No one is arguing that point; however, it’s possibly the worst time of the year regarding our diets. With holiday parties and tables full of food, it’s easy to forfeit the healthy habits we’ve established throughout the year. Stay strong! With a little bit of effort, you … Continue reading “Healthy Holiday Habits for the Whole Household”

While many are crossing off names from their Christmas lists and placing wrapped gifts under their trees, others are aware cheer isn’t the only thing that accompanies this time of year. ‘Tis the season, the flu season, that is. There are ways to get ahead of the dreaded flu season and, hopefully, avoid it entirely. … Continue reading “Getting Ahead of the Flu Season”

The relationship between pharmacists and the communities they serve is a traditionally special one. You count on us to deliver the medications and support you need. Cherry Street Pharmacy is pledged to provide just that to our community. We believe it is important that a pharmacy provides ethical, responsible service to the patients it serves … Continue reading “Proper Pharmacy Policies”

Being able to pay for prescriptions is vitally important for a large number of Americans. Unfortunately, the cost of many prescriptions is significantly high, so many people are unable or unwilling to foot the bill. The good news is there are a number of organizations and programs that can help you pay for your prescriptions … Continue reading “Get Help Paying for Your Prescriptions”

Believe it or not, your local drugstore can do more than cure the common cold. A pharmacy and their team of knowledgeable pharmacists can help provide therapy treatments for a wide range of conditions, including breast cancer. You don’t have to fight your condition alone. Lean on your local pharmacy for the support necessary and … Continue reading “Top 4 Breast Cancer Therapy Treatments at Your Drugstore”

There are many things one looks for when choosing a pharmacy to handle all of their prescription needs. While several pharmacies will simply offer to fill your prescriptions, they may not go above and beyond in doing so, which leaves them in the good category. There are five traits a pharmacy must possess in order … Continue reading “5 Traits of a Great Pharmacy”

These days the World Wide Web is a constant source of information, providing services we never could have dreamed of when it was first introduced years ago. We turn to the web for answers to our endless questions like a virtual filing cabinet full of fun facts and need-to-know details, but more often than not … Continue reading “5 Benefits of a Mail Order Pharmacy”

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