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Cheap Drugs for the Budget Impaired

It has been said time and time again that you get what you pay for. You’ve heard it before. It’s an expression that proves true more often than not, but when it comes to filling prescriptions the scales tip towards false. While many people turn away from cheap drugs, they might only be doing so because they’ve been conditioned. They might make the decision to choose a brand name instead, because they’re unaware of the benefits that come with generic medications.

An honest mistake, sure. However, it could be an expensive mistake to make, especially over time.

Most prescriptions are generally prescribed for name brand medications because of the doctor’s office or the actual doctor writing it. It could be they have a sponsorship of sorts or a mutual agreement with the manufacturer or a local pharmacy. At Cherry Street Pharmacy, we offer comparable generic versions of the same medication for the convenience of our customers. Choosing cheap drugs isn’t a hard choice to make when you have all the facts before filling your prescription.

The Advantage of Cheap Drugs

Everyone knows there are two types of medications: brand name and generic. What everyone may not know is what the differences are between them. A brand name is defined once a manufacturer has created and patented a medication. Since they created it, they’re able to name it whatever they’d like. The generic form is born once the patent has expired. At the time of expiration, it’s fair game to create a cheap drug version of the original.

It’s worth mentioning that just because it’s a cheap drug, doesn’t make it a knock off. Generic medications have the same active ingredients as their more expensive, fancy named counterparts. For Cherry Street Pharmacy to offer generic options, the Food and Drug Administration has to have approved it first. The FDA will only approve the cheap drug version if it contains the same ingredients and successfully treats the same medical conditions.

Essentially, generic medication must look like and behave like the brand name it’s copying. The cheap drugs also have to offer the exact same benefits as the name brand options. In fact, it’s not uncommon to discover generic versions of medication are being manufactured within the same companies offering the more expensive kinds. Consequently, it’s not hard for drug manufacturers to ensure the generic version meets the same guidelines of the brand names because they’re the same thing.

Since cheap drugs and regular drugs are more alike than they are different, it’s easy to narrow down the biggest advantage of choosing to use generic medication. Price! The biggest advantage is the cost of a generic drug over the cost of paying for a name. It’s not impossible to find generic medicine listed 40-60 percent less than their brand-name version. Ask your doctor, or your pharmacist at Cherry Street Pharmacy, if there’s a generic option to fill your prescription and save you some money in the process.

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