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Healthy Holiday Habits for the Whole Household

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No one is arguing that point; however, it’s possibly the worst time of the year regarding our diets. With holiday parties and tables full of food, it’s easy to forfeit the healthy habits we’ve established throughout the year. Stay strong! With a little bit of effort, you and your entire household can remain healthy this holiday season. Here are a few habits to enforce so you can focus on stuffing those stockings instead of your belly.

Maintain Your Normal Eating Routine

Since most of the temptation typically comes later in the day, try to maintain your normal routine for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Sticking to your regular, healthy options throughout the day allows you to partake in the office treats at the party without feeling guilty. It’s okay to indulge this time of year, it’s the joy of the season after all, but do it in moderation.

Healthy Additions

While the spreads from Halloween to Christmas are often heavy in calories, they don’t have to be. Offer to bring a dish of your own and add a healthy alternative to the mix. Not only will it give you the opportunity to enjoy something a little more diet friendly, but it will provide that same opportunity for everyone else in attendance.

Exercise as a Family

No doubt there will be a shortage of time this time of year in all of our busy schedules, but make a point to squeeze in some form of exercise. Bonus points for doing it as a family! It doesn’t have to be a lengthy routine or involve a trip to the gym. A simple, fifteen minutes every day where everyone squeezes in some crunches or jumping jacks would be more beneficial than many people realize. Weather permitting, a walk or bike ride after dinner is an easy way to include some activity into your daily routine.

Visit the Pharmacy

Another way to keep your habits healthy this holiday season would be to visit your pharmacy, either local or online. By taking vitamins, you’re ensuring you and your family are still getting the necessary nutrients needed on a daily basis, even with the threat of Santa’s cookies around the corner.

The goal should be to maintain your weight during the holidays by sticking to healthy habits. Losing weight can be the goal once the ball drops and resolutions are whispered. Enjoy the season without sacrificing the health of your household in the process. It’s possible.

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