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Keep These Simple Items Handy for Your Student Athlete

While there can be a long list of things you could have on hand for your athlete, there are a few that will probably be more appreciated than others. We’ve compiled a short list of things you can get at the pharmacy that your athlete might like having in their gym bag or locker for use when needed.

The Little Things

Lots of little things come in handy for the student athlete. Among those are hair binders and/or clips. Imagine the moment of frustration when you’re pulling your hair back and snap!! Your binder breaks and you know you don’t have a spare. Slip a card of hair binders in the bag and eliminate that frustration.

Sweat bands are another small item that can make a big difference. They need to be washed regularly and it can be easy to forget to put them back in the bag. Having one or two extra means it won’t matter. Just remember to put the clean ones in eventually!

If your student listens to music while working out, an extra set of earbuds may come in handy at some point. Not that they will always be used, but on that one occasion where the regular set breaks, doesn’t work right, gets lost or forgotten, having an extra pair means a lot.

Stop by the pharmacy for first aid supplies. Tuck a few bandages in the bag. They come in handy should a blister appear after a hard workout. You may want to add a small tube of antibiotic cream as well just in case. Menthol rub and ibuprofen will help ease muscle soreness.

All these little things can get lost in a gym bag or locker so keep them all together nicely in a small plastic bag. That makes them easy to find and easy to get access.

Personal Items

A little travel case with soap, shampoo and deodorant will keep your athlete smelling fresh. You may also want to include emergency sanitary products for your daughter for those times her cycle begins unexpectedly.

Thoughtful Additions

An extra pair of socks is handy on those days when your student isn’t wearing any and forgets to bring them to practice or workout. A small water bottle is helpful for when the regular water bottle is forgotten or empty. A Protein bar or some other snack is also beneficial for the student athlete for a post-workout pick-me-up.


Cherry Street Pharmacy is where you will find a great selection of items to keep on hand for your student athlete. We have everything you need to make your student smile.

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