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Keeping Good Records of Your Medications

There are many reasons to keep track of all of your medications, both past and present. Even cheap drugs, whether over-the-counter or prescription drugs paid for with insurance or a discount plan, should be recorded. The Federal Drug Administration, or FDA, has guidelines on what information you should record and why. They even give you a handy template to record your medications.

But what information do you need to keep? Quite a bit actually.

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Cheap Drugs

It doesn’t matter whether the cheap drugs you use are OTC or prescriptions, it is vital to keep track of both. If your doctor asks to see your medication records, they may be able to recognize past medications that worked or didn’t work only because of a conflict with another medication you were taking at the same time.

Dose and Changes in Dose

When you list the medications you take, you should list the dosage you take of each and update it if the dose changes. Don’t get rid of the first record, as it can be beneficial to healthcare providers. You or your doctor may want to see the changes that have been made in your medication regimen with cheap drugs over the last months or even years.

When and How

Even though you’ve listed the dose you take, you will also need to record when you take them and how. If you take cheap drugs in the morning and evening, make sure that’s clear. If it is a pill, record that it is taken orally. Someone may need to look at your records and to give you the right meds, at the right times, and in the right way.

Why the Medication is Being Taken

There are medications that can do quite a bit these days. Sometimes the same medication is prescribed to you for one reason but to someone else for a completely different reason and this helps lower costs for patients who need cheap drugs. A new doctor, or even a hospital doctor, may need to know why you are taking it. A caregiver may also need to relay the reason for your medications along with other information to other caregivers, your family, or others.

Prescribing Doctor with Contact Info

If there is an issue with one of your medications, another specialist you see, an emergency doctor, admitting nurses, etc. may need to contact the doctor who prescribed you the cheap drugs. Along with the doctor’s name, write which office they are with and a contact number, so they can be reached.

Cheap drugs are just as effective as many name brands, so you might want to list your medications by both the brand name and its generic name. If you are looking for cheap drugs so you can keep taking the medications prescribed by your doctors, stop by Cherry Street Pharmacy.

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