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Proper Pharmacy Policies

The relationship between pharmacists and the communities they serve is a traditionally special one. You count on us to deliver the medications and support you need. Cherry Street Pharmacy is pledged to provide just that to our community.

We believe it is important that a pharmacy provides ethical, responsible service to the patients it serves and maintains the utmost standards of operation. Establishing proper pharmacy policies is an essential tool for us at Cherry Street Pharmacy in order to achieve that goal.

Building Trust by Maintaining Standards

Proper pharmacy policies offer you, the customer, assurance you will receive consistently safe and reliable service whenever you come see us at Cherry Street Pharmacy. Every member of our pharmacy team is fully invested in serving our community to the highest standards. Ongoing training and proficiency evaluation are integral to the Cherry Street Pharmacy policy.

Pharmacy policies ensure efficient operation. This includes making sure prescriptions are filled and ready for pickup in a timely manner and maintaining proper inventory, so medications are available when needed. Phone-in prescriptions will be handled promptly.

Cherry Street Pharmacy policy provides for seamless coordination between you, your insurer and the medications you are prescribed to ensure proper coverage and minimum delay in filling your prescription. Our policy also stresses the importance of keeping patients informed. We will consult with each patient to confirm he or she understands why they have been prescribed the medication, as well as the proper dosage.

A Guideline for Excellence at Cherry Street Pharmacy

Proper pharmacy policies safeguard against abuse or misuse of medications, define the functions of each pharmacy team member and provide a clear outline for proper procedures. We believe this is an invaluable tool for maintaining operational efficiency, reducing costs and getting you the care you need more quickly.

Proper pharmacy policy should also address other issues, such as store maintenance and sanitation, staffing and store hours. Patient and worker safety, availability of generics and any other functions or issues that impact the quality of our service to you are all incorporated into the Cherry Street Pharmacy policy.

Through the implementation of our pharmacy policy at Cherry Street Pharmacy, we will have a template for continual improvement, a benchmark for what you can expect from us and a commitment to always provide ethical, courteous and prompt service. We pledge to continually adapt policy to address areas of opportunity and conform to current regulations, to provide the strongest possible relationship between patient and pharmacy.

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