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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Survival rates in children suffering from cancer are much higher than they are for adults, which is partly due to how it is much easier it is to identify health changes in a child. In cases of childhood cancer, the five-year survival rate is around 80 percent.

Unfortunately, there are many childhood cancer types where the prospect of survival is not quite so high, which is why more research is needed. Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is a time that allows organizations from all over the world to raise funds and provide education to parents and caregivers.

As it stands, cancer is the number 1 cause of death by disease in children. Around 1,700 children are diagnosed with cancer in Texas each year, with 200 of those diagnosed, sadly, dying from the disease. The only way to reduce this number is by raising greater awareness in Texas and providing researchers with the funds they need to make breakthroughs in treatment.

Potential Signs of Childhood Cancer

It is important to recognize the potential signs and symptoms of childhood cancer: unusual lumps or swelling; paleness; low energy; bruising too easily; persistent, unexplained pain in a particular area of the body; frequent headaches and sudden vision problems. These are all signs to address with your doctor.

Cherry Street Pharmacy will take care of any prescriptions through our mail order pharmacy, so make a point of attending regular doctor checkups with your child’s pediatrician. The earlier childhood cancers are detected, the better the prognosis is for survival.

Looking After Children With Cancer

Parents will drop everything when they learn a child has been diagnosed with cancer. That may mean leaving work, making necessary adjustments to a home, or raising money in the community to go toward finding a cure for childhood cancer. The kind of care a child requires will depend on the type of cancer and the aggressiveness of their particular disease.

For many parents, running basic errands becomes a challenge. In a large number of cases, patients may rely on delivery services for food or a mail order pharmacy to fill and deliver prescription medications. At Cherry Street Pharmacy, we provide services and advice to parents on over-the-counter medications that may help during this difficult time.

If you have prescriptions but don’t have the time to visit a pharmacy, you can rely on the mail order pharmacy services provided by Cherry Street Pharmacy. Visit the home page of our website to find out more about the process.

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