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The Best Drug Reference Apps

When you stop by the drug store and you receive a new medication, or even need over-the-counter medication, you want to know what you are receiving is helpful. Looking up your own information about the meds you are prescribed through a drug reference app can help you understand why and how certain medications work. The top 5 drug reference apps are listed below.

Take Epocrates to the Drug Store

As one of the most common drug reference apps available, it is feature-rich with the ability to look up drugs by their generic or trade names as well as their class. In the free version, you are able to look up pictures of pills as well as the identifying information. It also includes a dose calculator as well as a formulary list. It even covers over-the-counter medication you can pick up at any drug store, although herbal supplements are included in the paid app.

Medscape Mobile

Not only does Medscape Mobile allow you to look up the drugs by class, you can also check dosages, their interactions, as well as costs. You can look up medications you can pick up at your local drug store without a prescription, such as herbal and over-the-counter meds. Side effects of medications are also included. However, Medscape Mobile is also a medical reference, making it even more useful.

Skyscape RxDrugs&CheckRx

These two apps, by the same developer, work together and by doing so, it can help you prepare for your next trip to the drug store. Skyscape RxDrugs contains an extensive library of medication that is easily searched. The CheckRx app allows you to look for interactions between drugs. While it will tell you that there is an interaction, it won’t tell you the possible reactions it can cause.

Fingertip Formulary

If you are looking for formulary lists by state when you head to the drug store, this is one of the best drug reference apps available. You can look for the monograming information on pills to aid in your search. This isn’t the most common app available but is very useful.

Micromedex Drug Information

This drug reference app may be a bit much for those picking up meds at a drug store. However, the pharmacokinetic information as well as toxicology data can greatly aid in your understanding of pharmacological drugs. It is even used as a teaching tool for new clinicians with its extensive database.

Are you ready to head to the drug store armed with a lot more information? These apps can help you and your doctor discuss medication treatment options so you know what you are getting into when you pick up your new meds at the drug store.

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