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The Pros and Cons of Sun Block

You hear from your parents, your friends and sometimes even your doctor that you need to wear sun block. But what are the pros and cons of wearing it? If you decide to purchase it, why should you get it from a mail order pharmacy? Here, we answer those questions to give you a better understanding of sun block as well as to show you how a mail order pharmacy works.

Cons of Sun Block

Even though getting sun block from a mail order pharmacy makes using it more convenient, you may still find using a sun block troublesome or even detrimental,despite that you may have been told it is important. The first issue with it is that it is a cost you may not wish to add to your budget. Some also don’t like the feeling on their skin, even with the lighter, spray-on versions available. Those spray-on ones have a shorter dry time, but you still must wait for it to dry, and this can hold up your time at the pool or beach.

Wearing anything heavy on your skin, such as sun block, can clog pores. However, the biggest reason why most decide not to wear sun block is because it can block the absorption of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for mood as well as other things, making it necessary for a happy, healthy life. Still, if you decide to use sun block, you can get it from a mail order pharmacy to make using it a tad bit easier.

Pros of Sun Block

There are many benefits, however, to wearing sun block, which is why many continue to wear it and apply it to themselves and their children regularly. It blocks UVA and UVB rays, which can be a safety concern without sun block. With too much exposure to these rays over time, they can cause sun spots or even skin cancers, such as melanoma, later in life. They may also cause premature wrinkles. Sunburns involve peeling and pain – definitely not pleasant. If it is severe enough,a sunburn may even blister and cause other physical symptoms.

Sun blocks that are mineral based have lower chances of causing irritation to the skin, especially for younger children, or those with more sensitive skin. If you would like a more convenient way to find the best sun block, you can always try a mail order pharmacy, getting them direct to your home.

Why You Should Use a Mail Order Pharmacy for Sun Block

Not only can a mail order pharmacy take care of all your prescription needs, you can also get regular, over-the-counter products, such as sunblock, delivered straight to your home. This allows you to skip a drive to a local pharmacy, saving both time and money.

Cherry Street Pharmacy can handle all your mail order pharmacy needs and can do so with affordable prices. We truly care about our patients and offer the best in customer service. Give us a call today.

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