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Top 4 Breast Cancer Therapy Treatments at Your Drugstore

Believe it or not, your local drugstore can do more than cure the common cold. A pharmacy and their team of knowledgeable pharmacists can help provide therapy treatments for a wide range of conditions, including breast cancer. You don’t have to fight your condition alone. Lean on your local pharmacy for the support necessary and let them help you win the fight.

The Top 4 Breast Cancer Therapy Treatments

While doctors and nurses assess the symptoms, diagnose the conditions and prepare the treatment plans, the pharmacists and the pharmacies help see those treatment plans through to fruition. There are many therapy treatments for breast cancer with more evolving every day, but the top four are listed below.


With the breast cancer therapy treatment, Avastin, the medication is designed to block the blood supply feeding the tumor of breast cancer cells. Doing so starves the tumor and prevents it from continuing to grow and prohibits the cells from spreading. Traditional chemotherapy attacks the cancer cells, but Avastin attempts to stop them in their tracks to keep the cells from becoming larger or spreading into other areas. It’s an effective, top therapy treatment your local pharmacy can supply with a prescription.


In early stages of breast cancer, Herceptin can be used as a therapy solution to help fight cancerous cells and to keep them from spreading. Designed as a medication to be used in conjunction with traditional chemotherapy treatments, Herceptin helps attack cells to prevent tumors from growing. It’s a treatment that has seen positive results and is becoming increasingly popular in the effort of fighting early stages of breast cancer.


One of the most common chemotherapy treatments, Xeloda is a pill taken by mouth to help treat breast cancer. The use of this medication prevents cancerous cells from dividing and potentially spreading to other parts of the body. While other treatments focus on attacking the cells, Xeloda focuses on attacking the cells at a specific point in the cell cycle for maximum results in stopping cell division.


Unfortunately, not all breast cancer diagnoses are given in the early stages. There are times when therapy treatments may need to be more aggressive in fighting the cancerous cells. With Afinitor, used in combination with other chemo care treatments, advanced stages of breast cancer or breast cancer diagnosed in postmenopausal women are targeted in effort to stop the cells from growing, dividing and spreading. Afinitor reduces levels of cell growth in hopes the cancer is contained and can be attacked and removed without jeopardizing other parts of the body.
Consult your doctor for all of your breast cancer concerns, but don’t hesitate to keep your local pharmacy in mind as well when exploring your treatment plan. Cherry Street Pharmacy, located in Broken Arrow and Tulsa, can join you in the fight and help you beat breast cancer. Reach out to their caring, friendly pharmacists today and start discussing your treatment options right away.

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